Belgium still under the threat of terrorism


This morning the city of Brussels awoke in the middle of a major operation by security forces that led to the arrest of two other people, the brothers Smail and Ibrahim F., alleged to have procured for terrorists who turned into tragedy the morning of March 22 apartments used as bases of operation in the preparation of the attacks.  These latest arrests demonstrate that the terror network that has heavily bloodied Paris and Brussels is still active and it won’t be easy to dismantle it permanently; just yesterday came the news that the brother of one of the masterminds of the attacks is coming, or perhaps has already arrived in Europe to avenge his brother’s death during a blitz of French special forces in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.

The sleeper cells of self-styled Caliphate are many and the risk of new attacks cannot be underestimated: the terrorists have already amply demonstrated to be devious, enemies able to hit where and when we least expect it and can change at the last minute their goals. Brussels attacks are anticipated by the arrest of wanted man Salah Abdeslam and the latest rumors it seems that the real target of the extremists was once again France, and not the Belgium.

The ramifications of the terrorist network responsible for the attacks that in recent years took the lives of many innocent people has spread around the world and is taking advantage of chaos that has arisen in some war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria, Libya. Bring peace and stability to those tortured Countries might perhaps be a good solution to stop, or at least limit, the traffic of foreign fighters who train in the fields of the self-styled Islamic State in Syria and then return home with the only purpose to organize large terrorist attacks such as those we have witnessed in the last period.

The danger of international terrorism should not be underestimated and the competent authorities are working on additional security measures, also in view of the European Football Championship to be held in France from June 10, but this does not of course mean that we have to give up the pleasure of a company and of a great travel.




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