Once again Paris

Once again, Paris has been hit hard by Islamic terrorism. Once again, after the massacres of Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan, terrorism returns to the city to disrupt the lives of all, to leave us speechless in the face of so much cruelty.  Paris so beautiful, cosmopolitan, cheerful but at the same time austere, for some … More Once again Paris


Christmas terror

Last night the terror is plumbed on Berlin‘s Christmas markets: a truck arrived on high speed crowd destroying some kiosks and causing 12 deaths and about 50 injured, some seriously. The dynamics of events is still unclear but it seems that the truck has embarked on the Avenue of markets at full speed at a … More Christmas terror

Germany under attack

In recent days the Germany was for four times in the sights of unbalanced who attacked public places very crowded in ways very similar to those of the attacks by jihadist array; in three cases out of four authors of the massacres were very young asylum seekers with serious problems of integration into German society. … More Germany under attack

The shadow of terrorism on the Olympic Games

Ten people were arrested in Brazil, including a minor, were suspected to be involved in the preparation of attacks during the Olympics, which will begin next month in Rio de Janeiro. Some had been in contact with Islamist militants over the Internet and had sworn allegiance to the self-styled Islamic State. The shadow of terrorism … More The shadow of terrorism on the Olympic Games