Music for Palmyra


In Palmyra, through the ancient ruins declared world heritage sites by UNESCO, was held a classical concert to do forget, even just for a while, the war against the self-styled Islamic State that Syria is bloodshed and resulted in thousands of deaths, not counting the many who fled in the vain hope of a better future.
In the Amphitheatre of Palmyra have sounded notes of Bach, Shchedrin and Prokofiev and music took the place of the incessant Crackle of the firearms which until recently was the only sound you could hear in that part of Syria. Until recently it would have been impossible to organize a concert in Palmira because the city was under the control of the men in black of the Caliphate and ancient monuments were destroyed to make room for mass executions and other atrocities.
The initiative of Saint Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev wants to be an incentive to push the international community to allocate all the funds necessary for complete restoration of Palmyra, severely damaged by Islamist militia and war.
While in the rest of Syria the war continued unabated and the tragic toll of those who lost their lives continued to rise, at least in Palmira the 400 guests at the concert could hear only the music and, even if just for a while, think of a world of peace and brotherhood among all peoples.


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