Weapons to the new Lybian Goverment to fight ISIS


In Vienna there is a Congress that should lead to a stabilization of the situation in the disaster zone Libya; Western Governments, under pressure from the United States Secretary of State John Kerry and Italian Foreign Minister Gentiloni, decided to loosen the embargo on arms that is in effect in the North African country from 2011 to give more weapons to Libyan regular army against the ISIS.

The aim is to equip and train Libyan armed forces so that they can continue the fight against the men in black of the self-styled Caliphate without depending on the help of foreign forces; what matters is that the Libyans videoed themselves in possession of their country. All countries and international organizations present in Vienna have made a commitment to equip with modern and efficient weapons Libyan regular forces who fit the new Libyan Prime Minister Al Sarraj, whose Government is the only one recognized by the international community.

The same Al Sarraj reiterated: “We ask the international community to help us. We do not require direct intervention, but a support to train and equip our forces . The Government of Al Sarraj right now really need help: Libya remains impoverished and divided into zones of influence disputes between the Islamist Government of Tripoli, the Government of Tobruk, Islamist militias, ISIS and ruthless warlords.

The Libyan oil wells are at the center of the dispute because whoever handles them can easily make a business worth millions of dollars and that is why the new Government strongly backed by the United Nations is doing everything to protect them.

Direct intervention by foreign military certainly would only make the situation even more Libyan red-hot and that is why all Governments present in Vienna wants the Libyans to work firsthand to restore their country. For most Western countries, especially Italy, Libya united under the Government of Al Sarraj also means the end of departures of several barges laden with migrants leaving for Europe with the vain hope of a better future, and then the end of the humanitarian crisis that is creating so many divisions within the European Union.





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