A new hope for Nigerian girls abducted

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This sweet girl who cuddles her baby born recently as only a mother can do is called Amina and is the first of the high schoolers abducted in Nigeria by Islamic extremists to return to his family and loved ones. The long months of captivity weigh like a Boulder and you never delete all the abuses and violence, but at least now the girl is back with her parents and all those who love you and it’s starting to smile.

Amina, along with more than 200 classmates studies, had been kidnapped by Islamist militants of Boko Haram while he was in college, in the classroom and was listening carefully to the lesson and the recommendations of the teachers for the upcoming exams; the college was considered a safe place where evil could never enter. Unfortunately that terrible day Islamists stormed into the classrooms and dorm rooms and kidnapped more than 200 student, guilty only of having a great desire to study and create a better future.

In the mad mind of extremists must be totally submissive girls and didn’t have to study, but just stay and home cleaning, cooking and making babies; a modern woman who studies and works hard to build her own future is considered a negative example.

Amina was found yesterday wandering scared in a forest and wept openly with her baby in her arms; she was upset and very felt by long months of imprisonment, with still wearing all signs of so many violence suffered.

Today Amina, surrounded by the love of his family, met with the President of your country and psychologists that help make more bearable the whole burden of abuses suffered; his desire to go back to school and continue to study are positive signs and will yield a new woman and sure of their abilities.

This morning another girl was liberated and hopefully soon also all other will return from their loved ones and overcome the traumas.




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