Hospitals in the viewfinder


It seems that lately in Syria, but not only, hospitals are in the crosshairs of both terrorists, both of whom should fight them; the most emblematic case is that of Aleppo whereby losing to the life beneath the rubble was the last pediatrician was in town.

Everyone knows that hitting a hospital voluntarily is considered a serious war crime, and as such is sanctioned by international courts, because the war has its own rules and the first and most important is the one that bans hitting any healthcare facility.

A surgeon who worked at a hospital in Aleppo struck and then permanently destroyed by Islamist rebels took refuge at an undisclosed location in Turkey to be able to continue to do his job and he recalled what happened that terrible day: it was February of 2014 when they bombed the hospital for the first time with a rocket launched from a plane against the side of the structure. The regime has bombed the hospital at least six times between June and August with barrel bombs. The last two times they hit the hospital and have destroyed some parts, making it completely unusable. To be able to continue working there had to take refuge underground. “
The Red Cross symbol that until recently indicated a safe place where you could protect from the horrors of war, has become a symbol of a target mortal, of an enemy to shoot and destroy without mercy. The humanitarian organization Médecins sans Frontières reported that between 2015 and 2016 were bombarded more than 80 between clinics and hospitals and this resulted in many civilian casualties both among patients and healthcare personnel and administrative.
Local communities are afraid to seek treatment because they fear new attacks and this only worsens the already dramatic health situation in conflict areas.


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