How the weather influences economy


Even the weather can affect economic performance? The answer is undoubtedly Yes, especially as regards the clothing sector, closely tied to the performance of the seasons.

A famous clothing chain  which has shops in major cities by analyzing sales performance has noticed that many heads are very light or very heavy remained on the shelves because of the vagaries of the weather and climate change. A wet, cold winter and spring too mild or late have great power to influence consumer choices and not just lower prices or do special promotions to entice customers to buy. The manager of the clothing chains have decided to propose in their stores mixed collections summer-autumn and winter-spring: summer just a bad storm to lower sharply the temperature, while in winter there are more and more hot days with temperatures reminiscent of spring.

Maybe in the future all major brands of clothing will adopt this system, because more and more we will have to come to grips with climate change that are profoundly affecting the way we live and then also to dress.

Many companies are seriously thinking seriously about how and how much the climate will affect the sale of their products, and certainly too rainy or too mild winters summers will be the real stars at the center of marketing strategies of many big companies in the near future.




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