Start for the European Football Championship between sport and threat of terrorism

th camionati europei calcio

In a few days, on 10 June, the European Football Championship will start in France: it will be a great celebration for sports and thousands of fans are ready to support their national team from home or going to see the game in stadiums more important than France.

The organization was meticulous and have been taken into account all eventualities, because in today’s world there are no more places really safe and you can never let your guard down. Zero risk does not exist and therefore French security forces are always alert and vigilant: it won’t be easy to check all the fans that will be reversed in the stadiums and fan zones but the French Government wants to live up to the occasion and are not left out even the smallest details.

The British Government and the United States have asked their citizens intending to reach France for matches to be wary of crowded places and to immediately report to the authorities any suspicious person. The France has already been hit hard by international terrorism and why the security measures adopted for this edition of the European football championship are particularly severe, including checks with metal detectors before entering stadiums.
These championships are for France‘s first chance for redemption after a very difficult 2015, where terrorist attacks have claimed many victims and instilled in people a bad feeling of insecurity and mutual distrust; Finally the French people can enjoy an event with a huge media echo and much appreciated all over the world without fear.
We all hope to see a nice big party where the protagonist is the sport.




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