A vote that will change Europe


The vote on Thursday Brexit will forever change Europe, is a signal that something in the European Union as we know it today did not go smoothly.

Whether it’s competition Remain, whether it win the Leave, one should not underestimate the power of a referendum of this kind because whatever happens there will be positive and negative effects on all other European countries and also on the Community authorities that continue to minimize. Too much austerity and bad management of migration flows and the fight against international terrorism have plunged European citizens in a State of extreme distrust of the institutions of Brussels and this will be impossible to ignore.

There are many citizens who see the European Union as a distant, abstract, too bureaucratic, committed to fight for their own survival rather than solve those that are the real everyday problems; There is a growing feeling that people are never heard and that no one is really interested to take account of their needs.

If the Brexit will be there or not only British citizens will have to decide with their votes, but the growing Eurosceptic sentiment that winds throughout the old continent will not only stop with the permanence of the United Kingdom in the Union because in so many continue to ask deep changes in community structure.

In the most important issues such as the management of the human tide of migrants and the fight against international terrorism, especially during the deadly attacks that ravaged Paris and Brussels, to date the European Union has always shown divided and each country acted alone: so were born the walls and barriers that divide sharply borders. In a climate of fear and insecurity parties and extreme right-wing movements have been able to collect a lot of consensus in every social stratum of the population.

Let go on Thursday’s vote will forever change Europe because the Community authorities will no longer be indifferent to those seeking a profound renewal of the institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.




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