The kids, the weakest

A cholera-infected child cries after receiving medical treatment in L'Estere, Haiti. An outbreak of the disease began in October 2010 and is lasting several months.
The latest UNICEF report on the living conditions of children in the world is alarming.


UNICEF has prepared its annual report on the living conditions of children worldwide and the conclusions are nothing short of alarming: according to the United Nations by 2030 will be 69 million minors who may lose their lives due to diseases that in industrialized countries are easily treatable as measles, chicken pox and whooping cough.
Especially in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa are many, too many children who suffer from hunger and lack access to proper medical care and education; for these children to life quite often ends before they can fulfill their fifth birthday. For girls living in the poorest countries in Africa is very hard because they have to look after younger siblings and are denied the right to go to school and learn useful information for the future; are forced into early marriage with much larger and violent men and pregnancies have devastating effects on their body and their future development.
Women in the world who die from complications related to childbirth are still numerous and in many countries there are no facilities and staff dedicated solely to the health of the female body.
Malnutrition, poor sanitary conditions and lack of education are definitely triggers all those diseases and those complications that bring women and children to lose their lives so atrocious, without having any rights and without receiving proper care.
Let us always remember kids, they are our future.




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