The scourge of child labour


The world is still too widespread child labour, often played in precarious conditions, without any security and some very dangerous substances. There are still many, too many, children who are forced to work several hours a day in dirty rooms and without adequate protections.

Many of these children are in Africa, but also in the Western world many unaccompanied minors arriving from war zones or famine are forced by blackmail to do menial jobs and insecure, poorly paid, and in many cases are also subjected to abuse of all kinds. Many young girls who arrive in Europe with the hope of a better life and to build one day a family end up in the lap of pedophilia and child prostitution, with terrible consequences on their physical and their psyche.

There are many non-governmental organizations that deal with free these kids than it is a real slavery, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to know how many are minors who fail to seek help and are exploited in every way from unscrupulous criminal organisations.

That child labor is slavery in the modern world, which takes advantage of children and teenagers who are forced to flee from war, famine and famine to force them to forced labour with exhausting shifts that can last up to 18 hours a day.

Each of us in our daily lives can make a small contribution to stop child labor: when we do shopping let us ensure that what we are buying is produced by a serious company that does not take advantage of minors and protecting workers ‘ rights.



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