A third candidate for the White House?


Evan Mc Mullin (pictured) launched his candidacy in the presidential elections of the United States to be held in November. This former CIA operative said he was disappointed by both Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump who judges unable to lead the United States to face the challenges of the contemporary world and to have thus decided to apply. Just the fact that he was a CIA agent for years makes him a great connoisseur of foreign policy and International Affairs and if indeed his candidacy is accepted, this could make him a formidable candidate for Clinton and Trump.

It is not yet known if his is merely a provocation, or if you wish to truly become the third candidate in presidential elections that are turning out to be full of twists and novelty, but the mere fact that another person can change in racing the tide and penetrate the tight duel between Clinton and Trump is already a disturbing factor for the two main candidates.

MC Mullin, if he really want to have any hope of running, must hurry to collect the necessary signatures for the official presentation of the application and this will not be easy because in many States there are only few days upon expiration of the deadline for submitting signatures, and in some States the time has already expired and the petition has already been officially closed. Next week we will know what are the intentions of Mc Mullin and if he had time to collect the necessary signatures; meanwhile the fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump goes on no holds barred.


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