When the satire is exaggerating


The French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo published cartoons offensive showed that even the most pungent and riotous satire has a limit: offend the victims and the survivors of the terrible earthquake that struck on the night of August 24 Amatrice and neighbouring communes is an act really intolerable.

Even the satire must have its limits and those limits must be clear: fit the light hearted and the teasing good nature that RIP always a laugh, but do not fit the offenses to those who are suffering after a severe natural disaster such as an earthquake. Publish those cartoons was an act disrespectful by the French newspaper because no account was taken of the fact that the affected communities are still suffering and weeping loved ones remained under the rubble and the cartoons are a needless offense for everybody.

This mockery is a great offense not only to communities affected by the earthquake, but for all of Italy because our victims were described as victims of series B, which can offend and that isn’t due any respect. Maybe the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo have forgotten that after the attack that the January 7, 2015 took his own life in 12 of their colleagues the Italy was the first country to express its solidarity in the name of freedom of the press and of expression…

Opposite these cartoons disrespectful and uncalled for in place of the famous slogan Je suis Charlie, it is impossible not to say Je suis Amatrice.

You hope you never have to suffer an affront like this and instead of thinking to mock those who lost everything in the earthquake, the cartoonists of Charlie would do better to think how to help these people who are trying very hard to recover the few things that were saved from collapse and return to normal waiting for reconstruction.


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