CETA splits the European Union


The Parliament of Wallonia, Belgium‘s autonomous region, rejected once the free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada, the so-called CETA, and has made it officially the end because now the time for negotiation is over and no one wants to risk a new rejection. The European Union, which already had failed to reach an agreement to approve the free trade agreement with the United States called TTIP, oce again has been very divided and have surfaced fragmentation and mistrust not only among Member States but also within laying States and for the first time a regional Assembly was able with his vow not to stop a controversial but important international agreement.
Certainly the CETA had its pros and cons like anything else, but the fact that a regional Parliament could decree the end does reflect on how community project there is not the desire to work together and be together who earlier had led to the establishment of a United Europe, where all Governments and peoples could get together and overcome all barriers. The decision to abolish the frontiers and ensuring the four fundamental freedoms of movement of goods, persons, services and capital, had been a big step forward saluted by all European leaders at the time, but today because of the mismanagement of the migration crisis, borders are closing again. Individuals were faced with the human tide of refugees are acting in bulk and were built walls and barriers to prevent migrants to pass. On almost all the most important issues the individual States have never been able to reach an agreement to tackle problems together and if we divide on a trade agreement, there will be even more differences sensitive issues such as the fight against terrorism, cyber security, coordination of intelligence agencies
With the release of the United Kingdom from the community project this past June 23 opened a rift that is turning out to be incurable and that most likely will lead to the end of the European Union as we know it today: other countries are proving to be intolerant to decisions taken by the authorities in Brussels and we can only ask who will be the next to leave.


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