Trump President: the new United States foreign policy


Disproving the odds get from newspapers and pollsters, Donald Trump has won the presidential election in the United States and became in effect the 45th President, the most powerful man in the world, from whose decisions are dependent on the fortunes of millions of people.
The first few days after the decisive victory are those figuring out how the new President intends to set its agenda for the next four years, and the first rumors apparently Trump projects for us foreign policy should be geared primarily to a new agreement with Putin to defeat international terrorism.
The New York Tycoon has never made any secret of his admiration for the Russian President’s foreign policy and he has always thought that the sanctions imposed by the United Nations against Moscow were wrong, because in any case Russia remains the only real international partner that can deploy a force to destroy the ISIS forever and solve the intricate situation in Syria. If the relations with Moscow will improve not only the United States will benefit, but the whole Western world, especially the companies that will be able to continue to sell their products in the vast Russian market.
Trump wants to dismantle Iran’s nuclear agreement signed recently by Obama together with the European Union with the representatives of the Government in Tehran; It cannot be said that in recent months the Iranians have been cooperative with international inspectors and suspicion of Trump that in Tehran are secretly building weapons of mass destruction perhaps not entirely unfounded.
A big unknown is the new relations between United States and China: during the election campaign Trump said he would impose new duties on Chinese goods entering the United States and accused Beijing of artificially keeping down the value of the coin to practice unfair competition. Today, after the election of Trump, it does not appear that the Chinese are concerned, and indeed, it seems that both the United States and China are willing to usher in a new era of mutual collaboration and cooperation.
The greatest fear the actions of Trump is the Mexico: the new President promised zero tolerance for illegal immigrants and said it will be built a wall on the border for avoid Mexican citizens to enter without authorization in the United States.
In his first speech as President, Trump was very diplomatic and he said that under his leadership the United States are ready to cooperate with anyone who wants and it is hoped that this is the turning point towards a better world that everyone expected.


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