The post truth era


The best international political analysts and even the greatest linguistic experts have stated that we are officially entered the era of post truth: Internet information to the general public and social networks able to manipulate reality and in some cases pass false as true. Particularly in point is the definition of post truth given by famous Oxford Dictionary: the term post truth denotes or refers to circumstances where the objective facts are less influential appeals to emotions and beliefs in shaping public opinion.
During the election campaign in the United States this phenomenon was particularly noticeable because for the first time in history the false reports were read and click Internet users much more than the real news given by official sources.  Today, 44% of the world population we inform on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and it is quite normal that a news inflated to make her look more sensational is most widely read because it attracts the attention of users much more than real news but much less extraordinary.
Today’s world made of links, I like it very susceptible to such strange news from shares seem almost real, so much so that there are think tanks of real professionals and spin doctors who make art fake news to post on social: needless to say, these are the most read news and appreciated by users. Ultimately, we can say that it is precisely the same mainstream media that spread the post truth in your network and creates a vicious cycle in which a small lie with the tam tam of millions of web users is magnified into a new news that misrepresents reality and manipulates.
Eventually the same social become enormous echo chambers where each user chooses the news according to your interests and end up partially informed only on sites that reflect their personal opinion: no one is saved by the post truth.


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