Palmyra back in the hands of the Islamic State


The Syrian city of Palmyra, rich in masterpieces of ancient artwork designed by thousands of archaeologists Worldwide, was retaken by the self-styled Islamic State and all its treasures are again in danger because the jihadist madness has no respect for art, history, culture
Only a few months ago all we rejoiced as we watched the first pictures of Palmyra freed by Islamist militants and already he was thinking of how to restore works of art and antiquities that had been ruined by men in black of the self-styled Caliphate and now we’re here to comment that it would never have happened: the ISIS has again took possession of the city and for sure will be inflicted more serious damage to the ancient ruins of the Roman period and to all other archaeological treasures. It is very sad to see what the Islamist militia are doing at ancient artwork: devastation and destruction are the masters in Palmira and many masterpieces are going to disappear forever just because they are not in keeping with the wrong version of Islam, violent and fanatical in which jihadists believe.
With the reconquest of Palmira perhaps the self-styled Islamic State wants to divert attention from the bitter defeat that is suffering elsewhere, particularly in Aleppo and Mosul, but to pay the higher price of hatred and religious fanaticism are the art and story that are deprived of ancient works that belong to all of humanity. For the civilians who live in the newer part of Palmyra terror and fear are back to be threatening more than before and the danger of a new humanitarian tragedy is not so remote.
All those who love art and culture can only be very sad to see the many masterpieces of Palmyra destroyed forever in a fit of pseudo religious hatred without respect for those with ideas different from those on your and professes another religion.




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