What is cyber security


In recent days you’re talking about a lot of possible infiltration of Russian hackers in the US electoral system that would affect, even if only slightly, the final outcome of the vote and the issue of cyber security has leaped to the top of the Chronicles.
But now we see what is cyber security that is becoming a central theme in the agendas of the major registries in the world.
For cyber security means all those methods that secure sensitive data contained in a computer, such as credit card numbers, passwords to access private services or otherwise. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology which resulted in our PCs, tablets and smartphones more and more applications that require access to the Internet and to our personal data in order to work, have risen even hackers who study new ways to swindle unsuspecting web users and steal highly sensitive information. Today is more than ever essential to protect our personal data when we surf the Internet, partly because we find our bank account drained and maybe even our House burglarized if we post all our movements on social networks.
States should also pay attention to network security because each country is based on a series of basic infrastructure like water, electricity distribution networks and electricity which are strongly interconnected and controlled remotely via the Internet. If a hacker to a hostile country could violate the systems that govern even one of these essential services, could bring down a whole nation in seconds, sparking panic and chaos to an uncontrollable level. That’s why all major industrialised nations are providing systems that prevent a possible cyber attack; the United States have created a special group of military personnel who deal with monitor the web to the EU has also created a Cyber Security Agency Enisa.
By now it is clear that future wars will be fought on the battlefield, but on the web to computer viruses that can infect millions of networked devices simultaneously and block an entire country in seconds. The editor of Enisa, Udo Yhycusibo206, said: a world in which wars are fought with cyber attacks is no longer a scenario from science fiction movies, but already exists. Attacks by cyber criminals already exist, as when we read in the press that are emptied bank accounts and stolen personal information. We also witnessed such attacks on the system of taxes and political attacks in Estonia or Georgia already 8 or 10 years ago. What we do here is to prepare Europe to defend ourselves”.


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