Will Italy-Libya agreement on migration truly work?


Yesterday was signed the agreement between Italy and Libya, represented by the Government of Al Serraj only recognised by the international community, to limit and bring slowly to end the smuggling of migrants passing through the battered North African country reached the Italian coast and then trying to reunite with family and friends in Northern Europe.
This new agreement provides more aid to Libya from the European Union regarding the protection of borders and patrolling territorial waters; will be created in Africa spaces for control of those who plan to leave in order to prevent terrorist infiltrations and will also think of strategies to give jobs and new opportunities for personal growth to young Africans so they no longer need to travel to find a better future. In return, Libya will do its utmost to fend off potential terrorists and economic migrants and should accept a serious plan of repatriation for those who are expelled from European authorities.
The new agreement has a strong chance of work and really reduce the number of migrants who every day are landing on our shores in the vain hope of finding a better life, but in reality it seems very unlikely that we can establish a real partnership with a country like Libya, riven by infighting and divided into factions constantly at war with each other and one should not forget that there are at least three Governments claiming power preventing the lawful Executive of Al Serraj really control the whole territory.
In particular the General Haftar has no intention of surrendering to let Al Serraj to govern: in recent times have registered several clashes among the men of the Haftar and those of Al Serraj and Prime Minister was subjected to threats and attempts to attack which raised the tension to the stars and have made Libya a powder keg ready to explode.


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