What remains of the Olympics in Rio


In August last year all we did cheer for our favorite athletes who were engaged in the tough races of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and we rejoiced for each medal cheering athletes as heroes.
But today what remains of structures that have hosted the games? What happened to the Olympic village where their stay and have harshly trained athletes hoping to win?
After only a few months after the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games all structures used for the competitions are closed and abandoned to vandalism and decay, everything is dirty and rusty and the vandals were heavily looted the buildings to steal as many things as they could. The legendary Maracana Stadium has no longer the turf because of carelessness and worms and within the damage inflicted by thugs are huge, and the golf course lies unused and covered in waste. Many other facilities like tennis courts and swimming pools are now falling apart between collapsed roofs and broken glass and could hardly be able to recover.
The Brazilian Government’s plan to redevelop areas of the games and leave the sport facilities to the free enjoyment of citizens has failed miserably: work ever started or started and never finished and sports facilities closed and abandoned are now the only legacy of the Olympic Games in Rio that would revive the Brazil as a tourist destination for sports fans around the world.  The Olympic village, which would be converted into housing for the poor, is also overwhelmingly deserted and the few buildings that have been restored and have become luxury homes with prohibitive prices that only the very wealthy can afford.
Many were forced to leave their homes to allow the construction of Olympic facilities with the promise of a better arrangement once the games, but none of those promises has been maintained and the displaced people are forced to live in a slum in dire conditions without access to basic services. As had already happened in Athens after the games of 2004, also in Rio the Olympic legacy has been mishandled and while facilities have become prey for the decay ordinary citizens, especially the poorest, are still living in poor conditions without having received any benefit from the huge flow of tourists in the days of the competitions.
Main article: we mark a beautiful photo essay appeared yesterday on the international magazine http://www.internazionale.it/foto/2017/02/16/eredita-giochi-rio-foto


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