Barcelona under attack

Yesterday afternoon at 17:00 a white van has traveled at full speed the famous Rambla of Barcelona mowing 13 people and injuring many more. Once again Europe has proven itself helpless in front of a terorristico act that struck one of the most visited cities at the time when the pedestrian precinct was crowded with residents and tourists around for shops.
A deliberate act against innocent civilians who brought in the whole Catalan city terror and dismay: at the time of the attack on the Rambla there were men, women and children guilty only of being on vacation or spending a few hours of leisure watching the showcases.
What we understand is that terrorism attacks us when we are more relaxed, walking with family and friends, on holiday and leaves no escape. A truck on the crowd overwhelms everything and all and mow human lives as if they were skittles without any respect and no pity.
At this point it is clear that, despite the heavy defeats suffered in the theaters of War of the Middle East, the self-evident Islamic State will not be won so easily and will still design new plans to strike our way of life. The much-decanted project of Open, multiethnic and multicultural society has now tragically failed, finished under the wheels of those bugs trucks that have bloody not only Barcelona but also London, Nice, Stockholm..


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