The legend of the royal Kumari

In Nepal the tradition of the Royal Kumari has been renewed: a three-year-old girl, Trish, has been chosen as a living goddess and will have the task to protect Nepal from negativity and to watch over the peace and prosperity of her native country.
The legend of the royal Kumari has been handed down in Nepal for centuries and is part of the country’s Hindu and Buddhist tradition; A child is chosen by the chief priests as a living incarnation of a goddess and as such is venerated and respected. He lives in a temple in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, rigged as tradition wants, dressed in an elegant fashion and adorned with necklaces and other gold jewellery, the hair collected under a sumptuous headgear. The word Kumari, means Virgin and this indicates the purity of the divinity itself; It is considered the incarnation of the goddess Taleju Bhawani.
For the family of the chosen child is an honor to deliver the daughter to the priests who will take care of her until puberty, when the daughter is chosen as the real Kumari family is at the center of a big party where all the Buddhist and Hindu faithful flock p Er adore the new living goddess and Ingraziarsela with various gifts, even very expensive.
The Kumari to become such must meet some very precise requirements: beauty, absence of any physical defect or scar and the lack of loss of blood that would make the goddess impure and bearer of negativity. Behavior is also considered important: the child must not weep, be restless or move in the course of ceremonies as these eventual gestures could be a source of misfortunes for the whole country.
This ancient legend, handed down for centuries, is still alive in the heart and soul of the Nepalese people and is part of the innate faith of this fair population, it is an integral part of the tradition and culture of Nepal.




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