Water, an increasingly valuable resource

In one of the very first posts of this blog I had talked about how much water is becoming an increasingly scarce and precious resource and the danger that in the future you trigger real wars for the management of the little water that will remain on our planet if we do not lay remedy for environmental damage.
Water, due to climate change causing desertification and consequently thirsting for the planet, is becoming increasingly scarce and in many areas of the planet many people are suffering because of the scarcity of water.  Very often we forget how much water is important and we take it for granted, but after the summer just passed that saw temperatures climb up to 40 degrees and after an unusually hot October accompanied by an unprecedented water crisis, we learned that we can no longer continue to think that water resources are endless.
We must always remember that saving water is crucial,
The SIPRI, the International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm, also addressed the issue of water scarcity and its ability to provoke famine and conflict.
Here is the link of the video of the conference dedicated to the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN8wTMHX9ms
Good vision. 

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