World Oceans Day

We remembered the 8 June that just passed the World Oceans Day. The ocean is water, it is history, it is life, it is sustenance, it is the home of many creatures that inhabit and reproduce it. But the ecosystem and the oceans environment are being put at risk by us human beings who pollute … More World Oceans Day

Sentinel P5, a satellite against pollution

Today at 11:27 a.m. will be launched in orbit the satellite Sentinel P5 that will have the task of mapping the pollutants present in the atmosphere and discover the cause. The satellite Sentinel P5 is part of a broader strategy to combat pollution and climate change by the European Union authorities together with the European … More Sentinel P5, a satellite against pollution

Overshoot Day

On August 2, 2017, only two days ago, the overshoot day arrived, which symbolically reminds us that all the natural resources of the planet for this year are over and that humanity is living on credit, on the shoulders of future generations. This day every year always comes first and this means that humanity is … More Overshoot Day