Mondo Internazionale

Mondo Internazionale is an online journal about current affairs, international affairs, culture, art, environment…. Mondo Internazionale is a project, it is a non-profit organization created to create a really better world, to give space to young people who have innovative ideas in all fields. I discovered from Facebook that they were looking for someone who … More Mondo Internazionale

Water waste

A few days ago we remembered the water, its immense value and how important it is not to waste it. The water we take for granted isn’t really like that. In many countries of the world drought is endemic, you have to walk miles on unsafe and unhealthy roads to ensure a little bit of … More Water waste

World Oceans Day

We remembered the 8 June that just passed the World Oceans Day. The ocean is water, it is history, it is life, it is sustenance, it is the home of many creatures that inhabit and reproduce it. But the ecosystem and the oceans environment are being put at risk by us human beings who pollute … More World Oceans Day