Minors and Eating disorders

Data that make us think and highlight how widespread are the eating disorders, especially among the very young. More and more young are unable to accept their body, undergo too drastic diets and feel constantly struggling with the scales and with their own image.

A war to alleged blemishes and pounds of too much that threatens to turn into a vicious circle also deadly. Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders are constantly increasing and now there are so many males who suffer for these wrong behaviors and have a bad relationship with food.

Unreachable models, stress, high pressures to always get the best results are in the vast majority of cases causing triggers. The refusal of food, running in the bathroom immediately after eating, are just any of the alarm bells that you have to listen to. It is not to be underestimated also the new phenomenon of compulsive eating, swallow calories on calories in a very short time and then fast for days, a stress for the body can lead to the onset of serious pathologies.

Healthy eating is learned from a very young age and only by recovering a healthy diet can improve the relationship with your image in the mirror in both physical and psychological sense.



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