Today begins the Canada G7

Today the G7 summit in Canada has officially started and it will not be a meeting like all others who have preceded it over the years. This time everything has changed, the geopolitical balances between the various powers are deeply different and the whole international community is different, the air is no longer that of before.
Our country also comes up with a new government more than ever willing to make its voice heard on some of the hottest issues that will be debated during the meetings.

Immigration will be one of the central themes of the summit because the reception situation has become explosive and it is time to reform those treaties that regulate matter; Countries like Italy that have always been left alone to deal with unprecedented migratory flows now demand the right attention. In Many countries there have been electoral consultations and the victory of political parties and formations decided to tighten the rules for the reception has changed the perception and mentality of the citizens towards migrants profoundly.

The duties imposed by the President of the United States Donald Trump will also be discussed because some countries are too penalised and at least demand the exemption in order to be able to keep those economic sectors that will be affected by the Taxes. Some countries, to the whole of the European Union, say they are ready to implement appropriate counter-measures if they are not sure that they are exempt from the duties on steel and explain that a possible trade war would ultimately damage everyone.

Putin’s relationship with Russia is also a particularly sensitive issue: we must work with Russia to fight international terrorism, but we cannot disregard the unilateral invasion of Crimea in 2014.

It will be a very demanding G7…



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