Danger mines

For us the minefields recall the wars of the past, epic battles fought so many years ago that only the older ones now have memory. None of us have ever had to deal with the danger of mines and minefields, no one has ever been afraid to go a certain way because of mines hidden on the eyelash or even in the middle of the roadway.

The minefields evoke the memories of the two world wars, wars that have been far and gone for a long time. In some countries of the world, especially in Africa, minefields are still a sad reality that every year it reaps many victims between women and children; Mines are the danger that every day becomes reality and that makes every shift a struggle to survive. Going and taking drinking water and food means passing through impervious streets that hide on their eyelashes the terrible mines that mow lives without any mercy.

The United Nations and some non-governmental organisations are trying to push governments to mine clearance to make the life of the civilian population safer, but it is still the way to go.

Here there is the report of the SIPRI, the International Institute for Peace Research in Stockholm, on the current situation of mine danger in the world. Good read.

LInk: https://sipri.org/news/2018/gichd-and-sipri-release-global-report-anti-vehicle-mine-incidents-2017



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