Asia Bibi and the others

We’ve all been outraged, rightly, for the treatment that has been reserved for Asia Bibi: Incarcerated, tortured, raped, exposed to all abuses and harassment by the guard and eventually freed… but must remain the same in prison, has no right , no one hears his voice desperately asking for help. And this is because she is a Christian woman in a Muslim majority country like Pakistan.

In Muslim countries often a woman of Christian faith is considered impure, not up to the majority of the population. An outcasts, that’s who is Asia Bibi, destined to occupy forever the lower end of society, without ever having the opportunity to elevate itself.
There are many of Asia Bibi, imprisoned, that maybe not done anything, that do not have a way to make their voice heard, are forgotten. They are women who suffer every day and hope that everything ends but they know that it will not be so because their situation has no remedies.

There are so many women who try to resurrect but they are banned, they are prisoners of beliefs and superstitions that hurt and radicalization that takes even with Muslims if they do not follow a certain ideology that is charged with hatred and violence.

Asia Bibi is also all of us, that every day between a thousand difficulties we go on, when we receive advances not liked by someone male, maybe a colleague of work. Asia Bibi represents us all when we seem to be alone and our voice seems unheard.

If we want to save ourselves, then let’s rescue Asia Bibi.



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