Straight to manifest, right to inform

If the yellow gilets have the right to manifest, the journalists must have the right to inform, this they say the French reporters they fight for telling every day what happens.

The right to manifest and the right to inform if we look at them with attention I am speculari, they have need one of the other to become stronger and to be inclusive from all the citizens. to tell what happens and to be connected to that reality that, wanting or nolenti, is ours.

Demonstrators and journalists feed some clamor mediatico, they love that their deeds have put in before page, they enjoy of the so many said words and written that inevitably in these cases they are on the newspapers there, to the tv, to the radio or on Internet, it doesn’t care where. Because the clamor mediatico is the only way to make to seem the greatest things of that that are in reality, or even just as they are in reality…

In the case of the yellow gilets, they manifest against Macron, against the taxes, against the arrogance of the government and they have need that their message reaches everybody, strong and clear; which mile way of an enormous clamor mediatico?

The journalists do their job, that is that to inform without if and without but, and for this it is to import selection with a lot of care the events of which he/she is wanted to speak. Here that the yellow gilets can have a great echo, their protest can be a point of departure.

When the right to inform and the right to be revealed they meet him you/he/she can be born again something.



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