Animals are not things

Animals are not things, they are beings with feelings in every way equal to human ones. When we take a pet, when we see a wild animal, in everything that concerns animals, we are always dealing with sentient beings who feel joy, pain, anger, envy, jealousy, affection and all those feelings that make them so much like us.

An animal is able to experience a wide range of emotions and feelings that are as diverse as human ones, only it can’t express itself. Only by carefully observing our dog or cat can we see if at that time he is happy, angry, uncomfortable, …

We should not think that animals cannot suffer from a loss or rejoice in a satisfaction, they too participate and are able to understand what the heart is going through at that moment before we ourselves understand it. We are close when we are sad and comfort us when we want to cry, they are with us when we are happy, …

So we don’t consider animals of things, they’re sentient beings in every way.




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