European elections, and after?

Tomorrow, as you know, is the day of the European elections. We are all called upon to vote to change this Europe, we all have a duty to leave our own minds, because only then can we really count.

Who will vote for traditional parties, who will vote for eurosceptic parties, who will vote for parties that put animal protection first, … However, it is important to vote; it is a right and a civic duty. All of us can speak our opinion and be heard if we so wish, if we make our voice heard in these consultations. Many people no longer like Europe and this election could be a good way to change the game.

What about after that? It is not known what will happen but many analysts and political scientists are very concerned because the outcome of these consultations is very uncertain and we do not know what could happen. Markets may react very well or very badly depending on the case and unexpected scenarios may open up.

From Monday we will be able to find ourselves with a Europe that is no longer the Europe we have always known. How will sovereignists behave if they win? Will Eurosceptics really go to Europe only to destroy it? How will traditional parties agree to govern together?

These questions can only be answered on Monday but please vote.





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