Food waste

Yesterday on my birthday I thought about how much food is wasted, how much food is thrown away when it really would still be good and you could safely consume.

There are too many things, too much food that is still wasted here in the West and too many people who are still starving because they have nothing, because their lives are too miserable to go to buy food, to think about their livelihood.

A nice idea to make it more bearable, and it is hoped that this will help in the future to completely eliminate the phenomenon of waste, this haemorrhage of still consumable food is Last Minute Market, a spin-off company of the University of Bologna that fights to make food really for everyone. Last Minute Market wants to recover the food still good and give it to those who can’t afford it, to all those poor people who are here, close to us, and are like invisible to our eyes.

Retrieving food and also educating ourselves not to waste, this is the big goal of Last Minute Market because we can no longer tolerate that so much food is wasted only on our whim when we could still consume. Less waste means less waste and less waste means a cleaner world, a fairer world, let us never forget that.



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