Computerised accumulators

We don’t often talk about it. Often you tend to think that basically it is not a real disease, sooner or later you will be able to throw away the accumulated things. He is often underestimated. Instead, the compulsive accumulators are there, and they are close to us. They can be family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, … More Computerised accumulators


Happy Easter

Happy Easter greetings to all, readers and reader friends. May this Easter be a moment of pause from the daily tasks of relaxation, calm and reflection. But also a new start that will lead us to regain our daily life after so long. And how will you spend these days of celebration? Let me know … More Happy Easter

Breakfast or brunch?

The weekend we want to rest a bit more, to pamper ourselves, to give ourselves a small prize that we can not afford during the week. If in the week we are always rushing between one commitment and the other and we can never carve out a few moments of break, relaxation, recollection to put … More Breakfast or brunch?

Food waste

Yesterday on my birthday I thought about how much food is wasted, how much food is thrown away when it really would still be good and you could safely consume. There are too many things, too much food that is still wasted here in the West and too many people who are still starving because … More Food waste