The European Union and the Middle East

In these days we are witnessing a rekindling of the many crises that devastate the Middle East. Iran after the murder of General Soleimani is a veritable powder keg ready to explode, and so all the old hatreds and grudges have returned stronger than ever.

The feeling against Americans that in Iran seemed dormant since the 1970s came back, Indeed, it seemed that he had never left because he remained unchanged after so many years and in the most radical circles there has been continued talk of redemption and victory against the much-notorious United States.

Even in Syria, Yemen, Libya, … the situation has not changed and between terrorism, warlords without scruples and traffickers of all kinds everything has fallen to the brink, It’s like a Pandora’s box opened that we can’t close.

But what is most disconcerting is the silence of the European Union. Because the European Union cannot find a common position, because it does not decide a strategy that will soon lead to a stable and lasting peace, because the Member States cannot leave their opportunistic positions and speak with one voice … there is nothing common and more than a union we are facing a fragmentation dangerous for all.



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