Reopened the race for the White House

When it seemed almost certain the victory for Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections of the United States, that  will be held in four days, the email gate scandal is putting in serious difficulty the Democratic candidate. FBI Director, FBI is a federal agency that deals with ensuring security within the territory of the United States, a few … More Reopened the race for the White House

Clinton vs Trump

The first face-to-face debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has shelved now highlight projects that two candidates have in case of victory and in many aspects their vision of things that should be done is diametrically opposed. Donald Trump has a lowering taxes for small and medium-sized us companies to boost the economy and … More Clinton vs Trump

Missile shield in Europe: a new cold war?

Yesterday was officially inaugurated in the town of Deveselu, in Romania, wanted by NATO a missile shield to protect Europe from any conventional or nuclear missiles launched by a hostile power such as North Korea. The shield is based on the anti-missile devices installed on u.s. warships on patrol in the seas around the world … More Missile shield in Europe: a new cold war?