Breakfast or brunch?

The weekend we want to rest a bit more, to pamper ourselves, to give ourselves a small prize that we can not afford during the week.

If in the week we are always rushing between one commitment and the other and we can never carve out a few moments of break, relaxation, recollection to put order in our thoughts and to compile our list of priorities on weekends is the right time to do it.

You can think about what commitments there will be next week, what things to do urgently and what they can wait, what we would like to do when the health emergency is finally closed ( We can think of making trips, to participate in events, to make new experiences,…).

Taking the weekend to reflect is the best way to spend time, because not always free time means fun but can also mean meditation, a healthy break to detoxify us from the stress of everyday life.

Here then is that a great brunch can be the best time to “pull the sum” and make the point on our life, our aspirations, our desires, our dreams, our projects, our priorities, …

And for a good brunch the ideas are many and tasty, mouth watering.

Just look for a bit on the web and ideas and recipes to make our brunch unforgettable flake.

I want to leave you a link that immediately I loved, 20 ricette per una colazione brunch a casa tua (

Let me know in the comments, and if you want to share personal experiences and/ or recipes that you particularly liked do not hesitate to write to me.


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