Gender equality

This article is aimed at women but also men.

Often when we talk about gender equality we end up focusing on the usual clichés that are now old and moreover cannot really explain what is hidden behind this expression.

Gender equality is equal treatment for men and women at work, in private life, in our daily lives, but not only that, gender equality is much more.

Gender equality is to bring into the world children educated according to a non sexist logic, explain to them that sometimes even dads can cook and iron, that even the mother can have a fulfilling career and earn more than the partner.

Gender equality means that a woman who has suffered violence should not be ashamed to ask for help, She must not be asked what her clothes were as if this were to justify the violence suffered but must be helped and welcomed by those who can allow her to start a new life, where she can vent.

Gender equality means that a woman must feel on the same level as a man at job interviews, she must make her curriculum vitae speak and highlight her skills without anyone being influenced by her appearance.

Gender equality means that a woman can only reach the top of her career through her commitment.

Gender equality is not to be blackmailed into a job, into a personal favor.

Gender equality means having equal pay for equal work.

Gender equality means not looking at a woman who wants to travel alone with wonder, she has every right.

Gender equality means that a woman can feel fulfilled in every area, she can decide whether to have children or not, she can decide independently where to live.

Gender equality is to be a full-fledged woman, always.



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