Water waste

A few days ago we remembered the water, its immense value and how important it is not to waste it.

The water we take for granted isn’t really like that. In many countries of the world drought is endemic, you have to walk miles on unsafe and unhealthy roads to ensure a little bit of water that sometimes is not even drinkable and is polluted.

The scarcity of water debilitates humans and animals making them more susceptible to infections and sometimes for lack of water you lose your life.

We who can afford to have fresh water every day must avoid wasting such a precious and fundamental asset for life. Do not waste and do not pollute water must be our cornerstones to guarantee ourselves and future generations a planet that is still livable.

If we all do what we can to defend the water, the planet will thank us.

link: Spreco di acqua e siccità: un problema da risolvere (hellogreen.it)



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