A good snack … to read

A snack to read. Yes, you understood well.

The weekend is (finally) started is we want to pamper ourselves a bit and take back our spaces. We want to relax and for a while ‘free the mind from all the thousand thoughts that we rummage in the head.

And then the best way is to take a whole afternoon to devote to the activities that we like the most, to our hobbies, to all those things that we like but in the week we can never do taken as we are between work, family, …

So let’s let ourselves be overwhelmed by emotions and dive into a world different from ours with a nice book, maybe with a cat near us that purrs and dozes gently. With books we can live endless stories capable of getting excited and involved, of making us feel good, of making us feel truly women (but I think that for men is the same thing).

If the pages of a good book accompany us on fantastic journeys and we would like it never to end, the reading can be accompanied in turn by a delicious snack not too sugary but tasty and sweet. Do you want to know what it is and especially how to prepare?

Then click on the link below, and you will see that it will be a nice surprise.

Of course I know in the comments what you think and if you have tried the recipe.

Link: Muffin allo yogurt (msn.com)



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