For some, collecting is just a hobby, for others it’s a real craze.

I would like, if I had the right space, to collect antique clothes, with their charm of other times and the allure of beautiful women who wore them. I like to imagine the story, the life of those who wore those clothes and on what occasion, how it felt that person while he had that particular dress on….

But of course you can collect everything, figurines, stamps, art objects, books and comics, objects with a particular religious meaning, champagne caps dolls, telephones, models,…

I think the beauty of collecting is owning something that has a value, a meaning, that means a lot to us. For example, we think of those who collect records, look at them, admire them and treat them carefully because they have a meaning, they are like totems. And then for many it is a real party to go to the markets and exchange, buy, sell… and thus enrich their collection.

At this point I’d like to know if you also have something you collect or want to collect. Talk about it in the comments, it would really piss me to open a dialogue on the subject.

I also leave you some links on the subject.

link: La Collezione del Marchese – YouTube

link: Collezionisti d’Italia Italian Collectors – YouTube

link: Come funziona il mondo dei collezionisti d’arte – 4 chiacchiere con Sabrina Donadel – YouTube



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