Stop body shaming

Stop body shaming.

Stop making fun of me.

Stop the malevolent talk about the body and its alleged flaws.

Every woman can be thin, fat, tall, short, white, black….. but she’s still a woman.

Every woman has the full right to go out of the house with clothes that she likes most, that enhance it, that make her feel good.

We women too must learn to love ourselves more and our imperfections because every defect can be a strength, every woman is a work of art to admire and respect. Always.

Body shaming is an odious act and as such must be punished because no one should be ashamed of anything. The body must be defended and loved, not derided (and this also applies to men).

Here is a link that explains how we can defend ourselves from body shaming, why we no longer have to hear about women who prefer to lose their lives rather than fight these humiliations. Tell me what you think in the comments and enjoy reading.



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