And now we see the women

Now that chaos has broken out in Afghanistan and the Taliban have regained power, we see the women and their suffering.

It is all very well at this moment to make appeals to safeguard and rescue as many women as we can before Afghanistan returns to a dark and obscurantist country, before women are annulled under the burqua and erased from social life, and there are already the first cases of child brides kidnapped and forced into early pregnancies without any help. But the women, and not just the Afghans, but all the women, were there even before all this happened and no one remembered.

Abused and abandoned women, forced to suffer violence and abuse, without any freedom and no rights there have always been and unfortunately there will still be if we do not begin to keep the spotlight on the condition of women all over the world. Women who suffer and are trying to free themselves from a marriage or a cohabitation that is crushing them, women who only want their rights to live a normal life.

Now we see Afghan women fleeing and trying to take shelter from the fear of the Taliban (the scenes of the thousands and thousands of people who literally attacked the departing planes and were mostly women make us think) But women’s lives have never been easy.

Do we have to wait for a war to break out to remind ourselves of women? Can we not, except in rare cases, that there are exasperated women who make every day a life of hell, maybe a few meters from us?

The female condition is before our eyes, let’s always remember.



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