Weekend pampering

This week is also coming to an end.

We worked, we rejoiced for small and big results, we had stress and tension… all a bunch of emotions that made us who we are.

But now it’s time to pull the plug and cuddle a little bit, to reward ourselves after all the work or study we’ve done that has allowed us to emerge among all the other people.

I think dedicating the weekend to cuddling and relaxing is the best thing we can do to regain our time, without anyone calling for some work to be done and without pressing commitments. Of course many of you use Saturday or Sunday to go shopping or to be with your children since time on business days is never enough, and this good understanding is fine, But why not dedicate some time just to us being in peace and pulling a sort of balance of the week just passed to understand what was done well and what instead you still have to work on?

On Saturday I write my blog telling something about myself, I read, listen to music… I do everything that makes me feel good but the week I never have time to do.

Now if you want to tell me what your little weekend rituals are, I’ll wait for you.



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