Spicy yes or not?

Is spicy food good or bad for our body?

Lovers of spicy will say that yes, eating a little spicy is good and will begin to list the many beneficial effects while those who do not love this type of food will begin to say that no, No, it hurts and needs to be avoided and they will list a thousand and more negative effects.

Personally, I believe that, as in all things, the truth lies in the middle. If we like to eat a little spicy every now and then, that’s fine, but if we do it every day after a while, it’s likely that there will be some negative effects. If the spicy is well dosed, balanced and not excessive it can be great to give a little ‘extra taste to some dishes but if you eat spicy so much to eat and you are not careful then just not there. And the negative effects can be really dangerous.

The “struggle” between those who love to feel every now and then under the teeth that typical pinch of spicy foods and those who just do not tolerate it is a long and old thing. All at least once in our lives we thought “But this is too spicy, I can’t eat it” and also “It doesn’t taste like anything, a little bit of spicy would be really good”.

Spicy yes or no? To you the choice, and of course write me in the comments and tell me what you think.



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