Silence is golden

Silence is golden, they say.

And never as in this period we need to get away from stress, from a hectic life that forces us to be always perfect even when maybe not so, even we would just relax and be in the company of ourselves, of our thoughts.

There are places in Italy, but there are also places abroad, where you can really take your breath away and disconnect from the outside world, read, think and finally be calm. They are places a little ‘isolated and deeply immersed in silence, are religious places but are also good for those who are not very believer because disconnect is good for everyone and you do not have to be necessarily “religious fundamentalists” to appreciate them, also for their historical and artistic value.

Places of great charm just waiting to be discovered.

Silence is golden. Just smartphone, tablet or PC, let’s reconnect with the most hidden and authentic part of ourselves.




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