Mother’s day

Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day, so to all mothers best wishes!

Yes, Mother’s Day is a special day that every daughter, or son, should celebrate by giving something felt and symbolizing a special moment for their mother.

We celebrate our moms and give them something beautiful, and it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not because in this case it’s really the thought that counts, and let’s remember that… mom is always the mom.

Mom as well as mother is always a woman with her thoughts, her dreams, her ambitions… and so we do not think of her only as the woman who makes food, lava, iron but also as a woman who carries on with patience and tenacity his career with small and large work results.

Women know how to prioritize also in the work and therefore for you and for your mothers an interesting article with 100 women who from scratch, or almost, have arrived with their hard work at the top of the job hierarchy.

To all mothers, and to all working mothers, a good Mother’s Day.




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