Salone del libro returns

And here is a welcome return….. the Salone del libro!!!

Also this year the Salone del libro returns to enchant us and surprise us with a sea of news.

From 19 to 23 May there is the exhibition Wild Hearts, Cuori Selvaggi, that will host among others a touching intervention by Maria Falcone, who will tell the students about the battles and the moral legacy of his brother John 30 years after his assassination. To really understand what the Mafia is and all the harm it has done to so many innocent people.

In the exhibition Salone off we will talk about cooking, journalism, cybersecurity, culture, books, … All to bring to the forefront and explain the great international issues that in this period are exciting, and worrying, a little everyone.

There will also be readings and presentations of new books that can not miss in your library in collaboration with the Circolo dei lettori and all its staff of fans and trained lovers of the book.

There will be spaces dedicated to children with moments of fun and fun.

At this point you just have to take the tickets, the Salone del libro is waiting for you!!!




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