Cats, a continuous discovery

Most of us love cats and there are many cat owners who claim that their pet has extraordinary qualities.

From today we have one more reason to believe it, in fact it has been discovered that cats somehow manage to associate names with faces and recognize their peers and their masters. It seems that they do not listen but it is not exactly so, cats listen to us and know how to understand and interpret our words, they understand what we talk about and react differently if the conversation is about sad, cheerful, joking, serious, funny topics,….

This time cat owners will be able to say that yes, their pet listens to them and also knows what we are talking about. So we know why just hearing the word “veterinarian” our cat runs to hide and becomes nervous and restless…

I personally love cats but now I think that even the most skeptical can no longer underestimate the animals and their ability to connect with us and with our emotions, their ability to understand us and help us feel better when we are sad, their ability to be close to us even in the darkest moments.

We do not know how cats can understand their names and those of their kind, their brain is still a mystery, but we can be sure that they will never betray us, they will always be faithful and loyal, they do not know how to pretend.




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