Risotto for spring and summer

Abstract, I love rice and I never say no to a good risotto.

And there are risottos that you can also eat in spring-summer. Because risotto is a dish that you always like, and it doesn’t matter if the climate tends to scorching heat as these days.

And then the risotto is appreciated all over the world. Yes, just think about how much rice is consumed in the whole world that is basmati, that it is carnaroli, that it is Venus rice and we immediately have an idea about how much are loved the dishes that contain at least a little.

In Asian countries the most consumed is basmati, in the West there are various types of rice that are loved by everyone, from the youngest, to people with a few years more. Whether with broccoli, saffron, or radicchio, risotto is really loved by the vast majority of the population.

Rice can also be an accompaniment for meat or fish, and in many countries rice serves precisely for this and gives rise to wonderful dishes and very good all to try.

Food is history, culture and represents the habits and the the way of life of a people. So let’s go on a virtual journey, but it could also be a starting point for a real holiday, and let’s start with the tasting of risotto from all over the world. It will be a pleasant discovery.

I leave you the link to some interesting articles.



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