Suite francese

«The most important thing, here, and the most interesting» wrote Irene Némirovsky two days before being arrested «is that historical, revolutionary events, etc. are barely touched, while the everyday, affective life is investigated, and above all the comedy that this puts on stage».

Irene Nemirovsky, a Jew deported to a concentration camp during the war, wrote perhaps one of the most poignant and touching books of the literature of the ‘900.

A book that tells the reality of the time as it was, without any taboos and without sentimentality useless and frivolous. The author has experienced discrimination, ghettos, deportation, all the horror of the Holocaust.

I had already put the book cover on Instagram and now I want to share with you the beauty of this book that you start and read easily, one of those books that when it’s over leaves melancholy and bitterness in your mouth.

I don’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t read it yet. French Suite, the volume that was in France a real literary event.

Good reading



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